Letter from the President

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Hello & welcome to the best four years of your life. 

"Sorority life isn't for me"

Is what I used to think my first year at UCR. Blindly agreeing with every crazy stereotype presented in movies, joining a sorority never even crossed my mind when I started my undergraduate life. It wasn't until I actually met the bright sorority women at UCR that I realized my assumptions were completely wrong: the kindness, ambition, and intellect of the women I met gradually led me to consider joining a sorority. Little did I know that impulsive decision to sign up for fall recruitment 10 minutes before the deadline would completely change my life. 

Hi, my name is Arelybel Iniguez and I am grateful to be this year's Panhellenic President. The Panhellenic council, compromised of myself and eight other fantastic officers, strive to exemplify Panhellenic's core values of sisterhood, leadership, scholarship, and service within the community every day. On our campus are seven amazing chapters: each differing in traditions, values, and philanthropies. However, despite our differences, our women are united under the College Panhellenic Association. Whether it be studying for finals, raising money for a philanthropic cause, or simply hanging out between classes, we at Panhellenic pride ourselves in our strong sense of sisterhood. Here you can find a supportive network of sisters and opportunities that stretch across the nation.

Now I know what you may be thinking: "Sisterhood? Sounds corny" and that used to be what I thought as well! However, the college experience can be thrilling while simultaneously intimidating; it's definitely easy to get overwhelmed, and no one should ever have to go through it alone. Joining a sorority has enabled me to have that support system while also providing the motivation to be the best version of myself I can be. I've met aspiring teachers, doctors, business leaders, lawyers, and other inspiring women -all who I would have never met had I not joined a sorority. Granted, trying to identify each sorority can be difficult at first: but as you navigate through this website you'll be able to gain a better understanding on each chapter's unique spirit and what makes our community of over 800 collegiate women so special.

I found my home in Panhellenic: I hope you do as well. 

Best wishes,

Arelybel Iniguez

2017 Panhellenic President